This page is dedicated to a voyage through the Kiel canal.

The voyage takes approximately 6 hours.

Pictures were taken on board the MV Tulos, a Russian coaster.

A return voyage was completed on board the MV Klenoden, a Finnish containership.

The volume of traffic was dissapointing during my 4 day visit.

The price of oil and the weather have a big impact on the volume of

traffic using the canal.




This is a view from the River Elbe of the entrance at Brunsbuttel.

We have just left the lock at Brunsbuttel..

Just passed under the transporter bridge, similar to the famous one on the Manchester ship canal. ( now demolished )

Not much room

Just approaching the locks at Kiel, 6 hours later.


Just left Kiel on the way back to Brunsbuttel.


That completes my voyage through the Kiel canal.